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HOTEL Information

  • Two beds in a room can’t be guaranteed, only requested.

  • If 2 people are sharing a room, both credit cards can be used to pay. Currently a deposit is made, then final payment is made. Currently only 1 person’s Hyatt account will receive the points. Clarification of rate: All prices quoted include the current taxes and fees. Taxes are subject to change if mandated by the Costa Rican government.

  • You will be required to make a deposit of a two night fee. You will manage your reservation directly with the hotel. Rooms are booked on a first come, first book basis. The rate will remain the same until October 30th or until all rooms are gone.

1. Junior Suite-$2152.00 / 2 people = $1076.00 per person sharing the room

2. Junior Suite-single = $1720.00 for 1 person

3. Junior Suite Tropical View- $2192.00 / 2 people =$1096.00 per person

4. Junior Suite Tropical View -single= 1752.00 for 1 person

5. Junior Suite Tropical Pool View- $2584.00 /2 people = $1292.00 per person

6. Junior Suite Tropical Pool View-single= $2068.00 for 1 person

7. Preferred Club Junior Suite Tropical View =$2752.00 / 2 = $1376.00 per person

8. Preferred Club Junior Suite Tropical View-single= $2200.00 for 1 person

9. Preferred Club Junior Suite Swim-Out Tropical View= $3080.00 / 2 people =$1540.00 per person

10. Preferred Club Junior Suite Swim-Out Tropical View-single= $2464.00 for 1 person

11. Preferred Club Junior Suite Oceanview- $3232.00 / 2 people =$1616.00 per person

12. Preferred Club Junior Suite Oceanview-single= $2584.00 for 1 person 


Click below to book your stay.


NOTE: Please  make sure you modify the travel dates in the calendar at the left side for January 9-13, 2025 to show the correct price. Lastly, after booking your room, please email your booking number and room occupant names to Pam Jefferson at:

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